Legislative Affairs Committee





A Legislative Affairs Committee is in place to monitor and establish Chamber positions on proposed federal, state and local legislation and regulations. The Chamber is being proactive by improving communications with our elected officials. We are lobbying effectively on actions that will impact the business climate.


The duties of the Legislative Affairs Committee are to: 

  1. Work closely with House Small Business Caucus to provide input on business-related bills.
  2. Continue to take whatever measures to protect members and the business community from the enactment of specific impact fees and taxes.
  3. Increase the awareness of Chamber members on proposed legislation at federal, state and local levels by providing information through “Legislative Alerts” and “Call to Action” Emails.
  4. Work closely with City and County to revise comprehensive plans.
  5. Host an annual Legislative Luncheon event with elected officials to share views and information on issues affecting business and to provide direct, open communication with between our members and legislators.
  6. Host candidate interviews on business issues which will be published in the Chamber Connections newspaper and appear on our website prior to the election to help educated members.
  7. Meet with Congressional Delegates to discuss Federal Legislation and Regulations that impact our member businesses.
  8. Host the Capital Briefing Week. This business-friendly orientation will be held after the election for all those newly elected to give them the opportunity to get to know the Chamber and be educated on the issues of interest to the business community.


Click the Above Image to View the 19th Annual Virtual Legislative Luncheon

Click Here to view the 18th Annual Legislative Luncheon (Virtual)  https://www.cdcc.net/18th-annual-legislative-luncheon-virtual/


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