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Journey Map to 5 Star Membership Program

Become a 5 Star Member at a 5 Star Chamber


What is the Journey Map to 5 Star Membership Program?

This program is designed to help you get the most out of your CDCC Membership by staying involved and engaged.  Earning your 5 Star Status distinguishes you as an engaged member of the our 5 Star Chamber.  Your Journey Map serves as the catalyst to being an engaged member by combining your unique business needs and goals with benefits offered by the CDCC.  5 Star Membership shows that you’ve taken the opportunity, not only to see how your membership can serve you and your business, but you’ve also set yourself apart as a committed member of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce. 

Every individual who completes a Journey Map will receive a 5 Star Member pin. Once one individual from an organization achieves 5 Star status that organization will be recognized as a 5 Star Member in several of our publications, at our annual Awards for Excellence Dinner, and on our website. It’s all about engagement!

How it works:

All CDCC members and their employees are eligible to participate in this program. All you have to do is meet with someone from the CDCC’s Membership Team in order to create your personal Journey Map — and then work towards completing the steps on your journey to engagement.  New members and current members alike are invited to create and complete Journey Maps in order to achieve 5 Star Membership status.  

It’s as easy as 1-2-3… 

  1. Meet with a member of the Membership Team to identify business needs and map out your 5 Star Journey (call for an appointment).
  2. Complete your Action Steps and start seeing the impact on your business. 
  3. Be recognized as a 5 Star Chamber Member at a Sunset Business Mixer.

What you get:

Every individual who completes a Journey Map, will receive a 5 Star Member pin. Once one individual from an organization achieves 5 star status, that organization will be recognized as a 5 Star Member in several of our publications, at our Annual Awards for Excellence Dinner, & on our website.

Our 5 Star Members will receive:

  • an official pinning at a Sunset Business Mixer
  • a photo and mention in the Chamber Connections
  • a GOLD listing in the Business Directory
  • satisfaction of taking full advantage of this/her CDCC Membership and its benefits

How to complete a Journey Map:

To become a 5 Star Member you must complete a Journey Map participating in events, activities, sponsorship and advertising opportunities such as (but not limited to):

  • Sponsoring an event* (Click Here to see opportunities; tabletop displays, informational seminars, and Coffee Coaching sessions are not considered sponsorships under the Journey Map program)
  • Volunteering with the CDCC or referring a New Member** (Contact the CDCC for volunteer opportunities)
  • Attending a Sunset Business Mixer (Click Here to see calendar)
  • Attending a Special Event (Any non-monthly/non-regularly scheduled event)

*Sponsorships need to only be completed by ONE person per company per year. Once completed by one individual, all employees will automatically receive credit for these.

** Once the referred member joins the CDCC as a member, you’ll receive credit for this task.

***Businesses are eligible to request a Business Brags visit once every two years, or at the request of Membership Services. All employees will receive credit accordingly.


Q: How long do I have to complete my Journey Map?

A: All Journey Maps must be completed within one year of your initial consultation with the Membership Team.  Your target completion date will be set at that meeting.  

Q: My organization has many employees. If I complete a Journey Map, do all employees receive 5 Star recognition & a lapel pin?

A: No. Only 1 individual has to complete a Journey Map in order for an organization to receive 5 Star member recognition. However, in order to receive a lapel pin, every employee has to complete a Journey Map. *see notes above for more details.

Q: When will I receive my 5 Star pin after I complete my Journey Map?

A: Pins will be presented at the next regularly scheduled Sunset Business Mixer pending coordination of schedules. 

For any other questions or to schedule your Journey Map consultation, contact CDCC Membership Services at 302-734-7513 or by email.

The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to amend, suspend, or change the above program and/or program rules at any time without notice.


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