• Candidate Profiles – The CDCC conducts interviews with candidates running for office to communicate to members their positions on legislative issues affecting business. Profiles are published prior to elections in the Chamber Connections Newspaper and online.
  • Legislative Alerts & Calls to Action – Communication tools used to inform members of current legislation and to garner grass roots action.
  • Legislative Committee – Tracks and educates business owners on the current legislative bills.
  • Legislative Liaison Taskforce – Chamber members who meet to discuss specific issues at all levels of Government.
  • Legislative Luncheon – An annual Chamber event that provides members with direct interaction with legislators on current legislative bills that will affect their business.   Click here to view the 18th Annual Legislation Luncheon (Virtual)  https://www.cdcc.net/18th-annual-legislative-luncheon-virtual/
  • Lobbyists – The CDCC has 2 lobbyists who track legislation at the Federal, State, County and Municipal levels.

Scott Kidner, Chair, Legislative Affairs

Judy Diogo