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Renee Thompson, Leander Lakes

The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce (CDCC) provides a variety of valuable programs and events to assist entrepreneurs in expanding their networks.  Lakeview Realty appreciates the events the CDCC sponsors because they offer so many ways for Realtors to expand their reach in Central Delaware which is crucial to our success.     

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Dave Chambers, Hook PR & Marketing

Our CDCC membership has proven to be invaluable. What we appreciate most about the CDCC staff is their friendly, tireless energy. They work hard every day to help us – the local business owners.  Through their efforts to educate, provide marketing assistance and organize networking opportunities, Hook PR & Marketing has made numerous new business contacts in just four short months since becoming members.

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Colleen Ostafy, Noble’s Pond

The Chamber Mixers have been most beneficial to us to network with other local professionals.  We learn about new services coming to the county. The Chamber is a great resource for any new homeowners moving to Noble’s Pond who are from out of state, to learn about the new and exciting things happening in Dover and throughout Delaware. 

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Gracious Heart Nursing Services, LLC

For us, networking is a way of creating long term relationships, and a way to give our resources.  We are eager for the change to use our CDCC membership to connect with other remarkable companies, and we thank the CDCC for the opportunity to do so. 

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Stephen Rall, Your CBD Store

The CDCC comes with a wealth of diverse business knowledge.  The networking and sharing opportunities with the staff and other business owners can almost be limitless… The CDCC is well established and respected in this community.  Leverage their resources as much as possible! 

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Robin Miller, Atlantic Home Loans

Being a member of the CDCC has given me the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are dedicated to growing their businesses and supporting our community. Over the years, I have been able to take advantage of numerous opportunities to spotlight myself and my business. Referrals from fellow CDCC members are the best! 

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Rachel Settle, The Bold Co Girl

The Chamber membership means community to me.  This past year of being in the Chamber has been more productive and welcoming than the last three years I’ve been in business combined.  I love the way Delaware businesses can connect through the Chamber – and that they are REAL connections! 

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Patti Stanley, Dover Elks Lodge

Being a Chamber member has allowed us to meet and network with other business members… each event we attend allows us to keep up with all the networking opportunities the Chamber offers.  The Chamber emails also keep you up to date on all the current happenings and news… It has been a great experience being a Chamber member! 

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Kimberly Hopper, Humana

The staff members at the CDCC have been so very helpful to me during my first year of membership!  Even with 26 years of experience in the insurance business, my move from Florida provided the challenge to start over with sales & marketing in my “new” home state of Delaware.  Cindy Friese has gone the extra mile to engage me as a new member by reaching out personally.  The CDCC has kept me advised of upcoming opportunities in the community and has referred walk-in business.  I have grown my business contacts, client book of business and my new friendships at the CDCC!!! 

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