Member of the Month

Member of the Month — April 2020


Name: Michael Lee           

Title: Regional Partner

Business: Master Networks Delaware & Maryland Region

Address: 615 Otis Dr. Dover, DE 19901


Phone: 302-319-4722




Tell us a little about your business/organization: (how did it begin; what are your services/products, etc.)

Master Networks is a membership network of learning-based, service-oriented entrepreneurs and business leaders. We have chapters all around Delaware with many more to come, including in Maryland. Each chapter meets weekly for one hour and follows an impactful agenda packed with world class business training. Members build strong relationships and talk about their businesses so direct referrals can be passed every meeting. There are even benefits outside of the chapter meetings, such as access to our online business training platform called Master Networks University, and events with top-notch speakers and training.

Tell us about your role in the business/organization.

I was a faithful, committed member of Master Networks for years before the opportunity to become a regional partner developed. Knowing how much my chapter had done for me as an entrepreneur made it an easy decision. As a Regional Partner, one major role is growing our region (DE/MD) by starting new chapters wherever there is a need. Master Networks is a tremendous resource for business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs, so we are working to reach as many people in our region as possible. Another role is training our chapter leaders and even our members. The Master Networks model has been carefully designed to achieve the greatest impact for members, so Regional Partners constantly teach and train to make sure our members get the most out every meeting.

Tell us something that makes your business/organization unique. 

One aspect of Master Networks that makes us unique is the emphasis on relationship building. We do pass referrals in our chapter meetings, however that is not the focus of the meeting. Our biggest focus is on creating meaningful relationships within our chapters and even within the entire region. The results have been life changing for many members, and our sense of community is wonderful. By training and focusing more on relationships instead of transactions, I have personally gotten the chance to see dozens of business owners grow their companies to unimaginable levels.

What do you see for the future of your business/organization?

The future of Master Networks in the Delaware/Maryland region is more chapters. We are working on starting chapters in nearly every city in the state now, and multiple chapters in larger cities. We are also working on bringing chapters to cities all through Maryland. Master Networks will continue to reach more like-minded entrepreneurs and provide new and relevant training as we support their growth. 

How has the Chamber helped your business/organization grow?

The Chamber of Commerce has been a great resource for Master Networks by helping us connect with more business owners and their employees. We have a similar mission focused on supporting entrepreneurs, so networking through the CDCC has allowed us to reach more businesses and get more local support.

What is your best advice to other businesses/organizations?

My best advice to other businesses is to invest in relationships. Every single relationship you create opens a new door with unknown opportunities. I strongly believe that all obstacles can be overcome and success can be found by meeting the right person, at the right time. Investing in growing networking skills, existing relationships, and opportunities to start new relationships can be a life-changing investment for any entrepreneur. 

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