Member of the Month

Member of the Month — October 2021 



Name: Kimberly E Hopper

Title: Sales Representative

Business: Humana Insurance

Hours: 8:00am – 8:00pm

Phone: 302-265-7118





Tell us a little about your business/organization:  how did it begin; what are your services/products, etc.

Humana’s Corporate headquarters is located in Louisville, Kentucky and was founded in 1961.

Humana is a Fortune Company committed to the aspect of Human Care.


Tell us about your role in the business/organization.

With 13 years of service with Humana Insurance I am proud to continue to assist seniors with their healthcare needs by way of education and enrollment into the plans that meet their needs. I have a fun way of explaining the complexities of Medicare into a simplistic approach with the 1,2,3’s and A, B, C & D of Medicare.


Tell us something that makes your business/organization unique. 

Humana is not just about providing the healthcare needs of Medicare members but encompassing the whole “wellbeing” approach to meet the personal needs of each individual.

Humana does this by way of offering plans that include dental, vision, hearing, over the counter items, health club memberships and more.


What do you see for the future of your business/organization?

Humana will continue the path of growth and success one member at a time.  With the AEP Annual Election Period being October. 14th – December 7th please reach out to me so that I may help guide you through the process of choosing a plan that meets your needs.


How has the Chamber helped your business/organization grow?

I moved from Florida to Delaware just three years ago for my aging parents and had to start

new personal and business relationships. The CDCC has been a great source of connection for

both.  The ladies at the Chamber have been more than welcoming and supportive.

Cindy Friese and Dina Vendetti have gone above and beyond to assist me in growing my business by connecting to our community.


What is your best advice to other businesses/organizations?

Wake up every day with a purpose to make a difference in the lives of others.


Do you want to be a future Member of the Month?

Enter your business card in the drawing at the
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