CDCC Email Publications

CDCC Publications run weekly and reach approximately 1,600 recipients.

News from Us to You:

The CDCC eNEws:  published on Mondays, this email broadcast is design to share news and announcements about upcoming events and happenings of the Chamber. 

The Daily Bulletin (only used during times of emergency) – created in the midst of the COVID-19 global health crisis, this publication is designed to share pertinent information regarding announcements and orders from the Governor’s Office, information about loans, grants, and financial assistance, information regarding vaccines, and much more during a time of crisis.  This publication is not currently running, but will return if needed at any time. 

News from Members to Fellow CDCC Members: 

Catchin’ Up with the Community:  published each Wednesday, this email broadcast provides an opportunity for business members to share their events and activities that are open to the public with CDCC members.  Members are asked to submit an event flyer and all the pertinent information to be shared, along with any links they want included no later than Tuesdays at noon to  These announcements generally run for two weeks at a time, depending on space available.  This is a FREE member benefit. 

Business News & Company Kudos:  published on Fridays, this email broadcast shares news about your business (ie. expansion of product line or services, renovation, relocations, company newsletters, etc.).  In addition, the Kudos section is set up to share news about awards, community service, new hires, anniversaries, promotions, etc.  Members are asked to submit news items and press releases no later than Thursdays at noon to These announcements generally run for two weeks at a time, depending on space available.  This is a FREE member benefit. 

Single Company Broadcast Emails:  these broadcasts are designed for announcements that deserve special attention.  CDCC Members are asked to submit a flyer with all the pertinent information, wording for the subject line, and any links they want included to  These single company broadcasts are $100 per send.  


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