Business Brags

“Bragging about your business is the CDCC’s business!”

What is a business brag?
We come and visit your business and “step in to your world” for a moment. It’s your opportunity to share with us “your story” & show us what you do. Visits generally last 30-60 minutes, depending on location, and consist of: you telling us why your business is so AWESOME, some pictures, a tour (if available), and of course a SELFIE! It will be posted to Facebook and we encourage you to share it with EVERYONE. The more your share it, the more people will see what you have to offer!

Who is eligible for a visit?
ANY business that has a been a member at the CDCC for more than 1 year. New members receive other benefits that current members no longer necessarily “qualify” for, such as the New Member Spotlight.

Why schedule one?
As a member of the CDCC, you have the opportunity to be recognized as 5 Star. What does this mean? It means that you are actively engaged in the programs & events that the CDCC offers to our members. To become 5 Star, you have to complete a 5 Star Passport (Click Here to learn more) and one of the tasks on that passport is a Business Brag visit. So, if you want to become 5 Star, you need to do this!
Not to mention, it’s FREE! It’s FREE publicity and advertising for your business.

So, contact us today at 302-734-7513 to schedule your visit!