Honorary Mayor Candidate 2019 – Robert Njoku


Robert Njoku

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Campaign Slogan:    “Delaware Pride | Take a Left, Instead of a Right Today!”

Campaign Song:   Rooah!

Signature Drink:    Rooah! Apple

What prompted you to run for Honorary Mayor?
I wasn’t aware of the opportunity until recently and thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know more people in our community and for them to get to know our company Rooah! and what we offer, which is to provide small businesses with more visibility online and provide lead generation.

Why does Central Delaware need an Honorary Mayor?
I think it’s a great way for the members to get the community involved with their local Chamber of Commerce. This in turn provides the much needed awareness of all that the Chamber does and allows for feedback from the community. The Honorary Mayor can spearhead several great ideas and activities that may become a focus of the Chamber and or the community.

What is the first “official act” you’d like to do as the Honorary Mayor?
With our experience in business visibility online, the first act would be to draw more awareness to the immense culture and history of our community. It is very important that we work together to keep locations like the Schwartz Center open and bring more cultural events to our community. We can do this with simple tools that Rooah! offers small businesses now which draws awareness both online and locally.

Why should people vote for you?
Voting for me would be voting for more innovative activities for our youth and community as a whole. Bringing more cultural events and innovation to the area means more opportunity for businesses and more jobs within our community from the business growth.  

How do you plan to promote your candidacy and what will your official hash-tag (#) be for your campaign?
We plan on promoting the candidacy through events and social media. The Hashtag will be announced at the launch of the campaign. So stay tuned.

Any scandals you care to come clean on before Fox News finds out?
LOL No Scandals here, my life is an open book. I try to live my life with integrity, honesty and love. And I have fun doing it. Not perfect but I try to be.

Is this your first foray into politics?

Do you think you’ll become Central Delaware’s next Honorary Mayor?
Without a doubt! But, I will support whomever wins.