Honorary Mayor Candidate 2019 – Nina Jenkins

Nina Jenkins
LCD Class of 2019

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Campaign Slogan:    Vote Nina…It’s the bright thing to do!

Campaign Song:   “Walking on Sunshine”

Signature Drink:    Sangria Sunrise

What prompted you to run for Honorary Mayor?
Down Downs® Hotel & Casino has a long relationship with the CDCC where many of the leaders in the organization have participated in the LCD class yearly. During my time to date with the class I have found an outlet to share my passion for helping our local communities and building relationships within the community. Running for Honorary Mayor will provide me with a platform to share my passion for building community.

Why does Central Delaware need an Honorary Mayor?
To bring together local leaders focused on drawing excitement to supporting the local communities (i.e. neighborhoods, schools), local business (shop small, shop local), and igniting the entrepreneurial spirit to help grow our local community. The role of Honorary Mayor focuses on developing relationships, showing a passion for Central Delaware and connecting leaders to community members. #randomactsofkindess

What is the first “official act” you’d like to do as the Honorary Mayor?
Give a toast to all participants and celebrating my commitment to the position of Honorary Mayor. 

Why should people vote for you?
I maintain a positive outlook on life. I find enjoyment in giving back to the community, building relationships with fellow leaders and finding ways to always pay it forward. I promise to uphold the standards and expectations of the position, as well as find ways to spread laughter throughout the community.

How do you plan to promote your candidacy and what will your official hash-tag (#) be for your campaign?
I plan to reach out to various groups in the community – LCD Class of 2019 members, family and friends, coworkers. I plan to spread the word regarding my candidacy across Facebook and through word of mouth. I will promote my message and seek votes through the use of campaign buttons and t-shirts. 

#VoteNina #SoBrightINeedShades #UseYourVoteToPayItForward

Any scandals you care to come clean on before Fox News finds out?
You won’t find me on the news, but there may be some stories around Dover Downs of me hiding under my coworkers’ desks, leaving an office full of balloons and/or wearing some crazy outfits or sunglasses. Nothing to report me to the police for, but I may use Facebook to grab some old photos or capture random photos and leave posted in public areas for all to see. 

Is this your first foray into politics?
I have learned more about politics in the last 15 years while working at Dover Downs than I ever did in school. I can shake hands and kiss babies with the best of them.

Do you think you’ll become Central Delaware’s next Honorary Mayor?
Without a doubt I’ll be drinking a Sangria Sunrise at the end of the election period. Remember the glass is not half-empty or half-full, it’s refillable. I’m in it to win it! Sash please.