CDCC Ambassadors


Applications are Closed for the 2016-2017 Term

Who Are Ambassadors?

Our Ambassadors are the official representatives of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce.  They are critical in providing mentoring to new members, serve as a liaison for current members, and promote growth of the Chamber.

Who can be an Ambassador?

  • Business members in good standing with the Chamber.
  • Membership for a minimum of 1 year prior to serving.
  • Successfully completed the Ambassador Orientation.

What is the value of being an Ambassador?

  • Serving as an Ambassador allows you to expand your business network with like-minded professionals and potential customers.
  • It increases your visibility at events and gives you a greater presence within the community.
  • Satisfaction in helping new members reach 5 Star Status their first year.
  • It increases EVERY possible business opportunity for personal and professional development.

For more information, contact Lori Ewald or Kristi Osborn with Membership Services.

CLICK HERE for 5 Star Program Specifics


Nicholas Alexander

Merrill Lynch
Term: 2016

Ronald F. Barisano

Ronald F. Barisano, CFRE
Term: 2016

Erlene George

Term: 2016

Mike Henry

Becker Morgan Group, Inc.
Term: 2016

Danielle Hufford

ShureLine Electrical
Term: 2016

Elaine Nolan

Dream Vacations
Term: 2016

Gary Pippin

Lisa's Pet Sitting Service
Term: 2016

Lisa Raines

Magnolia and Vine
Term: 2016

Rae Short

Celebrations Event Planning
Term: 2016

Katrina Sullivan

Independent Newsmedia, Inc., USA
Term: 2016