CDCC Ambassadors


Applications are now being accepted for the 2017-2018 year. Click Here to download 

Who Are Ambassadors?

Our Ambassadors are the official representatives of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce.  They are critical in providing mentoring to new members, serve as a liaison for current members, and promote growth of the Chamber.

Who can be an Ambassador?

  • Business members in good standing with the Chamber.
  • Membership for a minimum of 1 year prior to serving.
  • Successfully completed the Ambassador Orientation.

What is the value of being an Ambassador?

  • Serving as an Ambassador allows you to expand your business network with like-minded professionals and potential customers.
  • It increases your visibility at events and gives you a greater presence within the community.
  • Satisfaction in helping new members reach 5 Star Status their first year.
  • It increases EVERY possible business opportunity for personal and professional development.

For more information, contact Taylor Michaels with Membership Services.

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Nicholas Alexander

Merrill Lynch
Term: 2016

Ronald F. Barisano

Ronald F. Barisano, CFRE
Term: 2016

Erlene George

Term: 2016

Mike Henry

Becker Morgan Group, Inc.
Term: 2016

Danielle Hufford

ShureLine Electrical
Term: 2016

Elaine Nolan

Dream Vacations
Term: 2016

Gary Pippin

Lisa's Pet Sitting Service
Term: 2016

Lisa Raines

Magnolia and Vine
Term: 2016

Katrina Sullivan

Independent Newsmedia, Inc., USA
Term: 2016