Honorary Mayor Candidate 2018 – LaShawne Pryor

LaShawne Pryor
Delaware State University

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Campaign Slogan:    Live, Love, Laugh with LaShawne

Campaign Song:   “All I Do is Win”

Signature Drink:    Crown

What prompted you to run for Honorary Mayor?
Let’s just say I was recruited.

Why does Central Delaware need an Honorary Mayor?
There are a lot of great people doing even greater things in Central Delaware. The Honorary Mayor will help bring attention to many of these activities and recognize the wonderful people making a positive difference in the community.

What is the first “official act” you’d like to do as the Honorary Mayor?
I’ll declare Happy Sips Friday on the first Friday of each month hosted by the Chamber. We could all use a wind up for the month ahead, right???

Why should people vote for you?
People want the best, they should vote for the best. I am the best!

How do you plan to promote your candidacy and what will your official hash-tag (#) be for your campaign?
I’m promoting publicly, privately, secretly and any other way that will help me win… well almost any other way.

Any scandals you care to come clean on before Fox News finds out?
Absolutely not!! But I will have several by the end of this campaign.

Is this your first foray into politics?
Yes, beginners luck on my side right…

Do you think you’ll become Central Delaware’s next Honorary Mayor?
Yes! Honorary Mayor will be a great experience, but ultimatelly my campaign represents the future of Delaware. A vote for me is a vote for a DSU student, a prepared and capable leader today and tomorrow. A win for LaShawne equals a win for Central Delaware.