Honorary Mayor Candidate 2018 – Dee McCauley


Dee McCauley
Diamond State Pest Control & Termite Co.

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Campaign Slogan:    “Dee is Always Busy as a Bee”

Campaign Song:   “Time of Your Life (A Bug’s Life)” – Randy Newman

Signature Drink:    The Grasshopper

What prompted you to run for Honorary Mayor?
What prompted me to run for Honorary Mayor was the chance to meet new people and have the ability to network with other business owners.

Why does Central Delaware need an Honorary Mayor?
Central Delaware needs an Honorary Mayor to raise awareness of the many opportunities and information available at the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce.

What is the first “official act” you’d like to do as the Honorary Mayor?
I would throw a HUGE Picnic in honor of our state bug the Ladybug!!!

Why should people vote for you?
People should vote for me because I am great at finding solutions to what is “bugging” them.

How do you plan to promote your candidacy and what will your official hash-tag (#) be for your campaign?
I am going to use every avenue there is in Central Delaware along with social media, blast emails, word of mouth and some minions.

Any scandals you care to come clean on before Fox News finds out?
I hide live bugs that I find from my future husband in the freezer to look at later. And I keep a sloth as a pet in my office for motivational purposes!!!

Is this your first foray into politics?
Yes, besides the every night “What is for dinner?” debate.

Do you think you’ll become Central Delaware’s next Honorary Mayor?
Yes, like an ant I have plenty of determination, a lot of great peers I call friends, and the ability to keep moving onward. These things are a WIN in my book!!!